Taking care of your system does not mean buying a product. It means being aware of what goes down the drain, and knowing how your system is being affected.

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checkmark Don’t put anything down the drain that you wouldn’t eat.

Are we saying you can’t clean?? No, we’re people too, but we should realize the effect of everything going down the drain. Septic systems are biological; chemical imbalance can lead to major issues. For example: using bleach too often, liquid fabric softener, liquid drain cleaner, or flushing antibacterial wipes can easily cause that imbalance.

checkmark Keep up on regular inspections and routine maintenance.

Out of sight, out of mind. Most often, you probably don’t think about your system unless there’s a problem, right? Think of it like going to the doctor – there are often no issues but, when there is one, it’s usually best to act sooner than later. It’s important to be aware of the condition of your system, and to stay on top of the small things (pumping, baffle screen cleaning, etc.) so it doesn’t become a bigger problem.