Title: Septic Repair in Enumclaw WA

The septic system is often not a primary consideration for a homeowner in Enumclaw, WA, at least until there is a problem. There are several indicators of a problem with the septic system, including plumbing fixtures that are slow to drain, backups of sewage into the home and areas of water pooling over and around the septic tank or the leach field.

What To Do

Ideally, calling on our team for septic tank cleaning every three to five years, depending on the age of the system and the number of people in the home, is a good measure to prevent the need for an emergency call to septic tank companies.

However, if find you need septic system repair, we are here to help. With just a phone call we will arrive at your property and pump the septic tank and complete any required septic repair. This includes address problems with leach field repair, which is preventing the tank from draining. This can also cause problems with slow drains and backups in the home.

As one of the top septic tank companies in the area, we pride ourselves in providing a top level of service to all of our customers in the Enumclaw, WA area. Our professionals can complete routine septic tank cleaning as well as full repair services, just as you would expect from a local, family-owned company.

To book our services or to ask about any septic problems you may be experiencing, give us a call at at 253-435-9999.