This is our bread & butter! We specialize in rejuvenating systems. We are confident that we can come up with a solution to almost any problem you have. In most cases, we can rejuvenate a failed system back to good health without needing to replace it. Every situation is different; knowing this, we offer free estimates for your convenience.

  • Locating the drainfield
  • Jetting each drainfield lateral
  • Installing clean-out/vent accesses
  • Terralift

We’re doing way more than septic! Everything from land clearing to retaining walls, we’ve got a solution for your needs.

Taking care of your system does not just mean buying a product, but knowing how your system is affected.

System Drawings

System Drawings (as-built drawings) are available from the county.

If you have a septic system, there are a few things that must be done before you can close on a property sale.

An alarm system gives you a warning when the water level in the pump tank is rising past a safe level.

We are available to answer your septic system questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us (253) 435-9999.

Terralift is the key technology in this process. It uses a long, narrow probe and an integral pneumatic hammer to penetrate soil to the depths of three to six feet – depending on the depth of your Drain field. It then forces air into the soil at a controllable rate using a high pressure compressor creating a network of fissures and cracks which break up the bio-mat that has formed on the walls of trenches, and Loosens compacted soil in the Drain field as shown. Because air tends to follow the path of least resistance, the air will move horizontally and vertically upward through the soil. This process is repeated every four feet (depending on the soil conditions) around each of the Drain field trenches.