We are proud to announce...
A Advanced Septic Services is now your FAST Distributor In Pierce County!
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How it Works:

MicroFAST® wastewater treatment systems process all the wastewater from single family homes, clusters of homes, small communities or a portion of wastewater to aid struggling municipal package plants. 

Natural separation and settling processes occur prior to entering the MicroFAST treatment module.

A remote-mounted, above-ground blower, the system’s only moving part, introduces air (oxygen) into the treatment module to facilitate a robust circulation of wastewater through the media’s channeled flow path. 

FAST’s fixed film media provides a high surface-to-volume ratio to maintain exceptional microbial growth during low, average and peak usage. Bacteria become "fixed" or attached to the stationary media where the abundant, diverse and self-regulating population of microbes is consistently maintained in the aeration zone to metabolize the incoming waste.

Clear, odorless, treated water is ready for standard or innovative dispersal.